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findmassleads helps you find contacts.

Depending on your cadence and goals, here is the additional revenue you could make using cold outreach fed by findmassleads data:

Cold messages sent per day Conversion rate Your product price Monthly Revenue
20 0.1% 100$ 60$
20 2% 100$ 1200$
50 0.1% 100$ 150$
50 2% 100$ 3000$
20 0.1% 1000$ 600$
20 2% 1000$ 12 000$
50 0.1% 1000$ 1500$
50 2% 1000$ 30 000$

In most cases, you more than 10X your investment! Choose the plan that best fits your needs below:

$144 / year
10 000 lead credits
Up to 100 000 domains scanned
Fresh data, no more than 2 months old
You get domain names, rank, language, location, technologies, estimated monthly tech spend, emails, phone numbers and social links
Find lists of websites that use tech1 AND tech2 (and tech3...)
Bulk lookup: domain/URL to emails
Business emails detector
Export your leads as CSV
$313 / year
30 000 lead credits
Up to 1 000 000 domains scanned

100% Secure
We use Stripe


You have a question about findmassleads? How to use it in your case? Can it work for you? Please send us an email at

What's a lead credit? How can I use them?

1 lead credit = 1 domain + all the contacts. For example, a lead search that results in 50 domains using "Shopify" is 50 lead credits. Also, a single domain lookup is 1 lead credit.

And no worries, a lead is counted only once. No more credit is deducted if you get the same leads multiple times. Or if you make the same domain lookup multiple times.

Each month your credit count is reset according to the plan you have chosen. Please also note that credits do not accumulate over months.

What is the domains scanned limit?

A very specific search (like "Find 200 spanish websites using Stripe with email adresses that contain a first name") necessitates the search engine to scan thousands of domain data.

The more specific your lead search is, the more domains we have to scan to find you leads.

So, in order to maintain a good server availability, there is a monthly limit (a large limit!) in the number of domains we scan to satisfy your requests.

Do I have to subscribe to a yearly plan?

No, you can choose a monthly plan too. But you get 70% OFF today on the yearly plans only!

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time from the dashboard.