How to use findmassleads data to generate sales?

With findmassleads, you can have a steady torrent of new conversations with potential customers all the time.

What can findmassleads do for you?

You type a technology name. Like "Shopify" for example. Then findmassleads finds you thousands of websites built with Shopify. As well as all their contact information.

That's not all. But it's the simplest way of using findmassleads.

1 - So here is a first question you can ask yourself: what tools does my ideal customer use on his website?

It can be a single non-mainstream tool that's typical of your niche... Like a special Wordpress theme. A translation tool like Weglot. A urgency marketing tool like Deadline Funnel. An ad network like Carbon Ads. An analytics tool like Mouse Flow.

2 - A second question you can ask yourself to find good leads is: In my INDUSTRY or NICHE, what tools do my customers typically use on their websites?

>> To go further, you can read our simple 7-step methodology to help you find thousands of good prospects quickly. Go to the home page, type in a technology name then click on the top left sandwich icon to access the methodology.

Now let's say you've discovered 1500 good leads using findmassleads (see plans).
What to do next?

Of course you can send cold emails.

50 per day for example. Over a whole month.

And it works really well!

Be cautious though. Never use your own domain name, do not send from any free account, SPF, DKIM, check your deliverability, have a good copywriting... Be DEAD SERIOUS about all this. Really. More on this in the dashboard: just enter your email on top to start your free trial now.
You get cold emailing experience from the trenches, a Practical 16-Step Cold Email Checklist as well as links to tools to improve your reply rate.)

Also here is a bunch of automations you can setup to generate conversations (and customers!) quickly:

✔ To automate cold emailing efficiently, use cold email software suggested by findmassleads Quickmail, cold email software suggested by findmassleads lemlist, cold email software suggested by findmassleads Woodpecker, cold email software suggested by findmassleads Mailshake, cold email software suggested by findmassleads, or cold email software suggested by findmassleads Yesware for example.

✔ You can use an email list found on findmassleads to retarget people with Facebook Ads (if you didn't know, Facebook lets you upload a CSV file of email addresses and then show them your ad).

✔ Here is a totally new way to reach your prospects. First, find thousands of Intercom domain names using findmassleads. Then, you can leave a message on their Intercom chat with Intercom Message Sender from Phantom Buster.

✔ Find a relevant list of emails using findmassleads. Then, automatically find the LinkedIn profiles from the email list using Email To LinkedIn Profile URL Finder (Phantom Buster again).

✔ Find a relevant list of Twitter profiles using findmassleads. Then, automatically send Direct Messages on Twitter and massively reach your followers (yes, they have to be followers first). You can do that using Twitter Message Sender (Phantom Buster).

✔ You may use this other ninja tactic: automatically comment on YouTube or Instagram. This is where the attention is. You can do that using a tool like Automarketer Pro. Depending on your product or service, it might be an effective tactic.

Now are you ready to speed up your lead generation?

Are you ready to have dozens of conversations with b2b prospective clients started all the time?